Galapagos Islands Tour

The Galapagos Adventure Tour is a Galapagos vacation package all-inclusive, and therefore, will take you to 6 different islands including:

These islands are unique each from the other, the tour will be based in both Santa Cruz and Isabela Islands, from where we´ll take speedboats and ferries to each of the destinations.

Guides and staff are specially certified for taking visitors to each location and teach and spread awareness to tourist from all over the world about the importance of this special ecosystems, we work only with the best Galapagos tour companies, and services.

The Galapagos Islands were declared: world heritage by the UNESCO.

The “Enchanted Islands” is one of the world´s, most visited natural wonders, we have over 14 years of experience, as a result, we have managed to set up, a great team of people, who are local experts, and have a wealth of knowledge to be shared with our clients.


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