Ecuador Eco Adventure is based in the beautiful city of Riobamba — located in the “Valley of the Volcanoes” between the active Tungarahua and extinct Chimborazo and El Altar volcanoes.

Locals call the city the Sultán de los Andes and its here where we receive backpackers in the Riobamba Guesthouse who come to ‘relax and recharge the batteries’ after trekking into Sangay National Park, making a summit attempt on Chimborazo, or venturing off-the-beaten track over the Andes mountains on Horseback.

We are listed in the Lonely Planet’s South America on a Shoestring and were also recommended by National Geographic Adventure in their “Adventure Bucketlist” for Ecuador’s famous Condor Trek between the Antisana and Cotopaxi volcanoes.

Ecuador Eco Adventure also welcomes solo travelers to join us on our Open Tours — where you will meet other adventurous backpackers while exploring the country’s many beautiful landscapes and ecosystems.  For backpackers that want to give back, we also recommend Volunteer Work in Ecuador with campesino and indigenous communities as well as conservation projects in the Andes, Amazon, and Galapagos Islands.

Ecuador Eco Adventure wheels

Commitment to Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly Eco Tourism

FIRST WE START SMALL: On our camping treks we try to avoid as much of the wasteful over-packaged plastic wrappers as possible. This drastically reduces our carbon footprint as well as stops your money from entering the bank account of destructive multinationals like Nestlé.

STRICT CAMPERS CODE: Like most truly passionate trekkers and climbers we are often left in awe of nature’s raw beauty or what they call the pachamama in Ecuador. This means we live by the campers code — “LEAVE THE PLACE CLEANER THAN YOU FOUND IT” — which may mean carrying other peoples rubbish off the mountain but feeling good about it because we are keeping Ecuador’s beautiful paramos clean and in pristine condition.

OFF-THE-BEATEN-TRACK: If you come trekking in the Andes with us then we will take you far away from the hordes of tourists being shuttled around on buses. Being far off-the-beaten-track, however, comes with the responsibility of leaving the smallest ‘footprint’ as possible to minimize the impacts of tourism on the sometimes fragile ecosystems.

INCLUSIVE COMMUNITY TOURISM: By hiring local and indigenous guides for most of our treks and tours we can spread the benefits of socially responsible tourism across rural communities that are often disenfranchised and marginilized.

Ecuador Eco Adventure is certified by the Ministry of Tourism and Environment — we take our commitment to social responsible tourism very seriously.

Ecuador Eco Volunteer

The founders of Ecuador Eco Adventure also created one of the oldest and most reputable volunteer work agencies in Ecuador — Ecuador Eco Volunteer — to continue our commitment to the environment and socially responsible tourism.

Riobamba Office - Chimborazo Province

The Riobamba head office is in the Cuidadelia Politicnica, between the streets of Vienna and Varsovia

  Our mission is to have fun and enjoy nature

  Our goal is to follow the campers code and keep nature clean 

Your Questions

The Ecuador Eco Adventure head office is located in Riobamba, the mountain climbing capital of Ecuador. The address is La cuidadelica politica entre viena y varsovia
Like many tour agencies in Ecuador we had to close offices during the Covid-19 pandemic because of the dramatic drop in tourist arrivals. We are looking to reopen a Quito office, which includes accommodation for travellers, but in a different area of the city.
Ecuador Eco Adventure was originally founded in 2006 when Wlady, a local Ecuadorian who went to high-school in New Zealand, and his Aussie mate Jake decided to start running adventure tours with the backpacker community from Couchsurfing
One of the co-founders is a web designer and wanted to road test another theme. We created this website first, but you can also check out for less popular climbs such as the Illinizas and Antisana.


CEO / Founder

General Manager and Founder - National guide and wildlife expert, photographer of wildlife, and afficionado of history. Wlady is a proud Ecuadorian who went to highschool in New Zealand and started Ecuador Eco Adventure after meeting his Aussie mate Jake while studying ecotourism at uni.

Wildlife Guide


co-founder, trekking guide

Jake's an Aussie from Sydney but has been living on and off in Ecuador since 2006, when he co-founded Ecuador Eco Adventure with Wlady. He is a specialist guide for Sangay National Park, especially the El Altar trek and the Inca Trail.

Landscape Photographer

Jose Gualancañay

Tour Guide


Christian M

Mountain Guide



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