Digital Nomads - Chimborazo Refuge

Digital Nomads can take advantage of the 25mb/sec broadband internet on the edge of Chimborazo National Park.  Construction on these high-altitude pods was completed early 2022 and the team is still stress testing the connection to ensure we have an accurate barometer of how much of the cloud it can handle, but so far the connection is very promising indeed.

  Broadband - 25mb/sec Internet

   Bushwalks - Off the beaten track

  Transport - From Riobamba 

  Wildlife - From Chimborazo reserve

Indigenous Community Casa Condor

The Chimborazo Basecamp was constructed in partnership with indigenous leaders from Casa Condor. This is socially responsible eco-tourism because it brings money into the remote

Chimborazo National Park

The Chimborazo Basecamp is located on the edge of Chimborazo National Park.

One of the most spectacular hikes in Ecuador--to the base or summit of the Carihuairazo volcano beside Mount Chimborazo can also be booked from here