This comming 21st we are taking a group up to the lost pyramid of puñay for a special price of $85 per person

The Lost Pyramid of Puñay was discovered in 2003 on the peak of a 3300m (10,826 feet) mountain in the Ecuadorian Andes. The temple is 450m (1,476 feet) long and 40m (131 feet) tall and constructed in the shape of the sacred Guacamaya or Macaw.

The archeological site has been carbon dated to 2,400BC making it the oldest and largest temple of its kind in the Americas.

The Lost Pyramid of Puñay is a two day camping trip where we take travelers from Riobamba to the ancient temple ruin and camp on the peak of the mountain. Because the pyramid was rediscovered only very recently and is not yet listed in any guidebook we normally have the archeological site all to ourselves to explore.


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