For 12 years, Wlady and Jake have been running Ecuador Eco Adventure, a sustainible ecotourism operator based in Riobamba, the trekking and climbing capital of Ecuador’s Andes mountains.

Currently, Ecuador Eco Adventure is taking the highest number of organized climbing tours to the summit of Chimborazo–Ecuador’s highest mountain–and recently partnered with Mountain Planet the largest guiding and mountaineering community in the world, where some of our tours are featured. We were also recommended again in National Geographic for the Condor Trek in Ecuador in an article earlier this year on January 31st, 2018–a few years after National Geographic Adventure first recommended Ecuador Eco Adventure for the Condor Trek in their 2014 Adventure Bucketlist.

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Ecuador Eco Adventure in the Rough Guide to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands:

Here’s the extract about Ecuador Eco Adventure in the newest addition of the Rough Guide:

If you’re considering summiting Chimborazo, bear in mind that it’s a challenging climb that requires acclimatization, a good level of physical fitness, a specialist guide, technical equipment and permits. The ascent takes 7-10 hours, usually starting around 10pm and arriving at the summit in the early morning. The descent takes 3-4 hours. The climb is possible year-round, but the best months are December-January. February-April brings rain and heavy snowfall; by June you can expect high winds, clear sky, and good snow.

Climbers must be accompanied by an accredited, specialized guide and be registered in the Biodiversity Information System (SIB), which was introduced in 2015 to log the identities of all climbers on glaciated mountains. Any reputable agency will take care of this formality. Agencies all over the country offer the Chimborazo climb, but make sure you choose a reputable company, because it can be dangerous.

A recommended agency in Riobamba is Ecuador Eco Adventure (tel. 9/9831-1282,, who offer a 2-day Chimborazo climb for those already acclimatized ($400 1 person, $420 for 2 people), or 4-day tours including acclimatization hikes ($495 for 1 person, $375 for 2).

Carihuairazo (5,020 meters) is usually climbed as practice for scaling its taller neighbor, with a new refuge at 4,600 meters as the base. Ecuador Eco Adventure offer the climb for $375 for 1 person, or $250 for 2 people. Also available is a 5-day Carihuairazo & Chimborazo tour ($860 for 1 person, $675 for 2), plus the following other combinations: El Altar & Chimborazo (5 days, $550 for 1 person, $430 for 2); and Cotopaxi & Chimborazo (5 days, $960 1 person, $750 2 people). Prices include a night in Riobamba the night before departure, all equipment, permits, accommodation and most meals.


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