Over the last several months Ecuador Eco Adventure has been busy constructing the Riobamba Base Camp–a backpacker hostel in Riobamba designed exlusively for hikers and climbers in Riobamba, the trekking and climbing capital of Ecuador.

Until now, the city of Riobamba did not have a single backpacker hostel.

Surprising right?

The trekking and climbing capital of Ecuador did not have a single backpacker hostel…

Instead, travelers to this beautiful colonial city in the Valley of the Volcanoes had to stay in cheap hotels–or soulless expensive ones–before and after they make a summit attempt on Chimborazo, or go hiking in Sangay National Park.

We have spent a lot of thought and effort and soul in making the Riobamba Base Camp the perfect place for clibmers and trekkers when visiting the city of Riobamba.

Check out the Riobamba Base Camp Blog to see who our first visitors were and read abou their summit attempts of Chimborazo.


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