Between 2015 and 2017, the Cotopaxi volcano, the most famous climb in Ecuador, became volcanically active which temporarily halted climbing activities. Cotopaxi eventually settled, only to awaken once more in October 2022, prompting cautious responses from authorities to prohibit climbing while allowing access for trekking in Cotopaxi National Park. In December 2022, Cotopaxi National Park reopened again, initially permitting only day visits due to safety concerns surrounding climbing. However, recognizing Cotopaxi’s significance, authorities collaborated with organizations such as ASEGUIM to devise safe climbing protocols.

In light of this, certified operators like Ecuador Eco Adventure were granted permission to resume climbing in Cotopaxi in 2024, albeit under stringent regulations. Entrusted by the Ministry of Tourism and Environment, we are tasked with leading climbers to Cotopaxi’s summit, prioritizing safety and sustainability. Embarking from the refuge at approximately 4,800 meters (15,748 feet), climbers confront altitude-related challenges, ultimately experiencing the rewarding summit. Each step embodies determination, promising unforgettable vistas.

Climber on the side of Volcano Cotopaxi

Why is climbing Cotopaxi so special?

Toweringly majestic at 5,897 meters (19,347 feet), Cotopaxi entices adventurers with its pristine cone shape and breathtaking panoramas. The ascent, a testament to endurance and skill, culminates in a triumphant moment at the peak, offering unparalleled views.

We are excited to announce our upcoming climb on March 4th, following a successful expedition on February 24th. For those seeking an unforgettable adventure amidst Ecuador’s natural wonders, join us! Together, let’s conquer Cotopaxi, ensuring safe and memorable experiences for all who dare to dream.

As Cotopaxi reawakens, it ignites the adventurous spirit that attracts climbers from across the globe. With meticulous planning and expertise, Ecuador Eco Adventure is poised to turn your Cotopaxi climb into a remarkable experience. Prepare your gear, embrace the challenge, and together, let’s contribute to Cotopaxi’s rich history with our own unforgettable chapter!


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